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Case Management: How Ashe Law Office Can Protect Your Rights

Posted by Will Ashe | Oct 30, 2022 | 0 Comments

Being charged with a crime can be overwhelming. The violation of your rights while undergoing trial worsens the ordeal. Having the right defense attorneys in Maine protects your innocence and your rights. At the Law Office of William Ashe, your case is handled fairly and favorably. Using the following methods, I assist in safeguarding your rights:

Protecting You From Unfair Prosecution

A good defense lawyer defends clients from unjust prosecution. My top objective at the Law Office of William Ashe is to protect your right to a fair trial.

Navigating the criminal court system without a competent defense lawyer may be difficult. As your attorney, I protect you against any unfair trial in which evidence in your favor is ignored. While I investigate the charges against you, I will closely monitor your case to verify that the system overlooks no elements of the prosecution.

As your defense attorney, I seriously examine the prosecution's evidence against you. This includes visiting the alleged crime scene, interviewing witnesses, reviewing the official documents, and cross-examining physical proof. The evidence helps me to find detailed information in the case that I can use to secure your freedom from jail.

Upholding Your Innocence

Another approach defense attorneys use to protect defendants' rights is working to maintain their innocence until proven guilty. My duty at the Law Office of William Ashe is to preserve your innocent status throughout the trial. I make sure that the judge and jury do not convict you before you get a proper hearing.

The legal system declares all defendants are innocent no matter the evidence tabled against them until the trial has been performed. Also, all our communication is private; none of our conversations can be breached for evidence. 

Representing You During the Trial

During the trial, a defense attorney objects to the prosecution's attempts to get you to acknowledge what you don't want to admit. At the Law Office of William Ashe, I will object to unfair questioning to deter the prosecution from subjecting you to inquiries that might jeopardize your case.

Developing a Solid Defense Theory

You have the right to defend yourself before a court of law. My role as your defense attorney is to present a reasonable defense theory. To do that, I would analyze the following aspects:

  • Were you acting in self-defense?
  • Do you have an alibi?
  • Has the prosecution charged you based on unreliable eyewitness accounts?
  • Does the prosecution lack enough evidence to prove you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt?

These are the facts I will examine to present a strong defense theory in your favor.

Standing Between You and the Government

In criminal cases, the processes and regulations are intricate. If you haven't studied law, you might not comprehend all of your rights throughout the trial.

I am responsible for protecting your rights from being violated while you are uninformed. Defense attorneys assist you in asserting your rights and confronting a high-strung prosecution.

Criminal Defense Attorneys: Contact Maine's Best 

I am an expert defense attorney with a solid track record. I am passionate about advocating for your rights in criminal, family, and personal injury cases. Contact the Law Office of William Ashe now to obtain fair and effective court representation.

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William Ashe is an experienced trial attorney with a career track record of determined effective representation and consistent sustained success on behalf of his clients. He has been named to the National Trial Lawyers Top 100 Criminal Defense Attorneys every year since 2014 and has a perfect 10.0 rating by the lawyer rating site Avvo.


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