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  • Protection From Harassment Complaint Dismissed

    July 2021

    My client was served with a Temporary Protection from Harassment Order from the ex-significant other of her boyfriend.  I reviewed the case and saw that there the statutory prerequisites for a harassment order were not met.  We went to hearing and the Judge dismissed the case. Read On

  • BMV Hearing Win

    June 2021

    My client was charged with OUI and registered a .23 blood alcohol level.  After reviewing the case I saw that the officer did not follow the correct testing procedure after the machine registered an error.  I argued the administrative suspension before a Bureau of Motor Vehicle Hearings Officer. ... Read On

  • DV Assault Dismissed

    May 2021

    My client was charged with Domestic Violence Assault after a brief investigation by law enforcement.  Initially my client was facing jail and probation.  I was able to investigate the case further and uncover evidence of misbehavior on the part of the alleged victim.  The charge was dismissed and... Read On

  • Criminal Speed Dismissed

    May 2021

    My client was allegedly traveling 78 in a 35 mph.  Based upon possible issues with the radar I was able to get the charge reduced to a speeding ticket. Read On

  • Aggravated Trafficking Dismissed

    April 2021

    My client was charged with Aggravated Trafficking of Scheduled Drugs.  My client came to me after he felt a different attorney was not working hard on his behalf.  I was able to get my client into a diversion program and the charge was dismissed. Read On

  • Fish & Game Charge Dismissed

    April 2021

    My client was charged with a hunting crime based upon the conduct of a third-party.  I was able to get the charge dismissed. Read On

  • Theft Dismissed

    March 2021

    My client was arrested for allegedly shop lifting from a local store.  After discussions with the State I was able to secure a dismissal of the case with no action required by my client. Read On

  • OUI Dismissed

    March 2021

    My client was charged with OUI after going off the road.  He was arrested for OUI after officers found an open container in the vehicle and believed he showed evidence of impairment.  My client initially pleaded guilty but later decided he needed an attorney.  I was able to withdraw his guilty pl... Read On

  • Fish & Game Charges Dismissed

    March 2021

    My client was charged with Exceeding the Bag Limit, Hunting Out of Season, Wasting of a Game Animal and Hunting or Possessing without a Permit.  My client was initially looking at convictions on all charges with jail time and massive fines.  I was able to get all of the charges dismissed and my c... Read On

  • OUI Dismissed

    February 2021

    My client was stopped for a traffic infraction and later charged with OUI.  After review of the case, I filed a motion arguing the traffic infraction did not occur and the stop was bad.  The prosecutor agreed to a reduced charge and the OUI was dismissed. Read On

  • Forgery Dismissed

    January 2021

    My client was charged with Forgery after allegedly writing checks out of a friend's account.  My investigation generated credible evidence to the contrary.  The Forgery charge was later dismissed. Read On

  • Fishing Without a License Dismissed

    December 2020

    My client was charged with fishing without a license while on vacation in Maine.  The license charge was a misdemeanor crime.  My client could not have a criminal conviction.  We were able to resolve the case for a civil infraction and the criminal charge was dismissed.  My client was saved havin... Read On

  • Firearm Charge dismissed

    November 2020

    My client was charged with Reckless Conduct with a Dangerous Weapon and Possession of a Firearm by a Prohibited Person.  Extensive legal research led me to believe that the prohibited person charge was improper.  Ultimately, the Felony Reckless Conduct charge and prohibited person charge were dis... Read On

  • Domestic Violence Criminal Threatening Dismissed

    October 2020

    My client was charged with Domestic Violence Criminal Threatening against a family member.  I assisted my client with counseling options and worked with the prosecutor to resolve the case in a non-punitive way.  After a yearlong deferment, the case was dismissed. Read On

  • BMV Hearing Win!

    August 2020

    BMV Suspension rescinded after improper intoxilyzer test procedure Read On

  • Aggravated Drug Trafficking Dismissed!

    July 2020

    Serious drug charges against my client were dismissed after we moved to suppress the illegal search and arrest. Read On

  • Aggravated Forgery Dismissed!

    June 2020

    Successful defense of counterfeit money charge Read On

  • OUI Dismissed!

    May 2020

    Flawed field sobriety test results in dismissal Read On

  • DHHS Substantiation Overturned!

    April 2020

    Client cleared of child abuse finding Read On

  • Operating After Suspension Dismissed

    March 2020

    My client was charged with Operating After Suspension.  After discussing the case with the Attorney for the State, we agreed there was a better solution than a criminal conviction.  The case was dismissed. Read On

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