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William Ashe opened his own office after ten years practicing for law firms because he had one goal: to get the best result possible in every case every time. That commitment begins from the very start to the end of each case. Will Ashe won't ever compromise when it comes to your case.

“Compromises in client service or how much I spoke with them or how much work I put into a given case or how often we went to Court… Unless I had my own office I knew I would be compromising on all those things. The idea behind my office was to do the best job I possibly could for every case, getting the client the best result they could possibly get. To be completely certain that it takes whatever it takes but we're going to get it done every time.

You're always dealing with me.

One of the differences with Ashe Law Offices Ashe is you'll never hear, “He's busy,” or, “He'll get back to you later,” or, “He'll get back to you next week.”

"I am 100% committed to each case and I'm never going to pass anything off to another lawyer, because it is my case. Everything about your case is going to be handled by me, and all the meetings are going to be with me. Every time you go to court it's going to be me and that's critical to the mission.

Larger law offices mean a lot of explaining your case to different people which feels very impersonal. Clients can feel baited and switched if they met with one lawyer who they thought they were going to work with and see at their court date a completely different person.

“The thing is, for me, this is a profession, a job. But for the person I'm representing, it is their life that can be at stake, whether it's going to jail or losing a job or whatever. I understand and I'm sensitive to that. I don't ever want someone to think their case does not matter because every case is the most important case. I understand what it is stake and I'm going to do everything in my power on your behalf.

Most law offices struggle because they are taking on more work than you can possibly do in a quality way.

Since Ashe is in direct control of the amount and nature of work he takes on, he has a lot of control over how the work gets done.

“Most lawyers who get sanctioned are taking on too much work, so they're careless, they're missing deadlines and not responding to people. That's exactly the opposite of how I want to do things.”

The Law Office of William Ashe is accessible on Main Street Ellsworth yet with attention to client detail and low overhead, Ashe can offer high value services for his clients.

No Pretense

With some lawyers and law firms, there is a feeling that their time is almost too important to be used up meeting with clients.

“It's borderline privilege for you to be meeting with some of them, and as far as phone calls, you should expect to listen to awkward hold music for between one and three minutes. Listen that's not me, that's not who I am or how I work. You're important to me, I'm going to be available, I'm going to return your call and you're going to see that difference in the final result. How do you know if a client is satisfied if you barely talked to them? Not a problem at my office, that is for sure. If you like the idea of an open, communicative approach to the law, the Ashe Law Offices Ashe might be right for your case.

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