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Being charged with a crime is a scary and life-altering event. It's easy to feel hopeless when you find yourself in such a situation. Beyond just the fear and uncertainty of the criminal process, the State has prosecutors and law enforcement on their side and the consequences of a criminal conviction can be far-reaching.

The single most important thing anyone facing a crime can do is be proactive about your situation and find the right defense attorney. Why is William Ashe the right defense attorney?

First, he has the experience that you'd want in your lawyer. Will has represented thousands of individuals in criminal cases ranging from Murder to traffic infractions. Will has practiced all over the state defending people.

Second, he has the track record you'd expect from your lawyer. Will has won many Felony trials as well as Misdemeanor trials. He has never lost a case involving allegations of Domestic Violence. He has had countless charges dismissed without even needing to go to trial. Will has received praise from attorney ratings websites, and national associations like the National Trial Lawyers and National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys.

Third, he cares about your case like your attorney should. Will opened his own office specifically so he could devote all of his attention to every case that comes into Ashe Law Offices. You'll receive regular communication directly from Will, and Will will always be the only attorney that handles your case.

People feel overwhelmed when they're facing criminal charges. But there's a light at the end of the tunnel and I can help get you there.

“People like the idea of a lawyer who will fight for them. Everyone likes that, and in some ways lawyers cash in on that with over-the-top advertising. The difference is that I have an actual record of fighting for my clients and I have no intention of stopping.

William Ashe has won not guilty verdicts or had cases dismissed including:

William Ashe is the right defense attorney for your case.

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