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    William Ashe is a lawyer with the proven track record you need, the tenacity you want, and the compassion to make sure your voice is heard.

best lawyer

Hands down the best lawyer I've worked with! A class act, always professional and he got the job done! I've recommended...
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the lawyer to hire

Great lawyer! Will did an outstanding job on my case. He was really good at communicating. He made me feel much better about the...
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When Mr. Ashe took my case this past year for a DUI I didn't think there was much hope for a positive resolution. He was dedicated, hard...
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highly recommend

I would highly recommend Will Ashe as a criminal defense attorney. He successfully represented me on a fish and wildlife charge....
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Attorney William H. Ashe represents individuals facing criminal charges. Will Ashe specializes in criminal defense including OUI defense. Attorney Ashe has over a decade of real experience successfully representing individuals from the most serious charges to traffic violations. Being charged with a crime is a scary and daunting event. There are so many things that go through a person's mind that it is truly overwhelming. This is where Will Ashe can help. From the first contact, William Ashe will listen to everything you have to say, respond to all of your questions and give you peace of mind. But more than that, he's great at what he does. The results don't lie. William Ashe wins cases and wins a lot of them. He knows how to handle criminal cases. He will work to achieve the best possible result in every case. He knows how to talk to the prosecutor about your case, he knows how to argue cases before the Judge, he knows how to win a case in front of a Jury. He knows the law and he knows how to take your case to Court. More than anything, he probably knows how to help you. He believes that in order to represent someone, you have to know their story and fight for them in Court. But the first step is up to you. The lawyer you choose matters. Contact Attorney William Ashe about your criminal case and you'll see why he's the lawyer for you.


• "My practice is 100% devoted to fighting for people in Court."

• "When somebody says, ‘How can you defend someone?’ My answer is, ‘How could I not?’"