“10 stars! I hired Attorney Ashe for an OUI. He fought the case very hard and it got dismissed. I feel so fortunate that he was my lawyer. 5 stars doesn’t do him justice.”– A Satisfied Client

“An outstanding Attorney. Will Ashe is, by far, the best Attorney in Maine for any serious charge. I was experiencing every modern man’s nightmare, charged with a felony sex crime which I didn’t commit. After first hiring a lawyer who told me the wrong charge and incorrect bail conditions, I found Will online and hired him instead. He immediately made me feel better and was very knowledgeable. His legal Secretary was also great at getting back to me. After reviewing my case, he helped me through the process and first court date. He also helped me believe in myself during a very difficult time, fought for me telling the DA there would be no “deals” and that we would fight the charges. I was informed just weeks before being indicted on a B felony, that the case had been dismissed! Will Ashe got me my life back, he is hands down the best lawyer you could hire, period.”– Robert

“Unbelievable Lawyer. Attorney Ashe did an amazing job for me on my case. I got a referral from a friend of mine who works in the Court house and she told me that Ashe was the guy to get. So glad I hired him! He was tremendous from start to finish and helped me put a bad situation behind me and get my life back!”– A Satisfied Client

“One hell of a lawyer… I spoke with a number of lawyers before I hired Will. What I really liked about Will is that he spent a lot of time discussing my case with me. He also quickly pointed out a number of problems with the evidence that other lawyers failed to mention. Will kept me informed of everything going on with my case and definitely helped me feel better about the legal system. He won my BMV Hearing, therefore I never lost my license; and the State dismissed the case against me because of a “Motion” Will filed against them–this was prior to my Court date, thus I never had to make an appearance. He even showed me the email from the prosecutor stating that the case was dismissed. An OUI charge is serious. It is also terrifying. I realize I received the absolute best outcomes; however, that doesn’t minimize the significant amount of fear and anxiety I experienced, as well as the sleepless nights in the beginning. Will fought tirelessly for me and was very reassuring during the whole ordeal. You want someone like Will in your corner. He knows what he is doing, and he will fight for you.”– A Satisfied Client

“I recommend The Law Office of William Ash to anyone in need of legal counsel. I hired Will as my defense attorney on a felony case, and right from the start he was available, professional, and had my back 100%. To make a long story short I was charged with a felony while on probation, and not only did Will make it possible or for me to bail on two separate occasions, but got me completely clear of the entire mess; charges dismissed. At one point when I really needed advice he returned my call while he was out of state, on vacation with family. I can’t express enough gratitude for the assistance he has provided me, and as I said before, I HIGHLY recommend Will Ash to anyone who needs a defense attorney. Thanks again!!”– Roger

“Will Ashe greatly helped me with my case. After consulting multiple lawyers, I spoke with and decided to hire him. He found procedural wholes within my case that no other lawyer saw and made the process so much easier. He was great at explaining every step and was always encouraging. He can be slow to respond, but when you follow up he is always helpful. Have already recommended him and would again.”– A Satisfied Client

“Saved my life!!! Attorney Ashe did an amazing job for me. He got the case against me dismissed and gave me my life back. I cannot say enough what a great lawyer he is. I would recommend him to anyone! He’s the best!”– A Satisfied Client

“Outstanding Attorney! I hired Will based upon the recommendation of two criminal defense attorneys in the State where I reside. Unfortunately I had a criminal charge in Maine that I needed an attorney for. Will was extremely professional, knowledgeable on the law, and really helped me feel better about everything right away. I felt so much better after our first phone call. Anyways, the District Attorney tried to play hardball but Will wouldn’t give up and kept me informed the entire way. Finally, the State dismissed the case against me rather than losing to Will at the trial. He was truly amazing. I would recommend him to anyone in a heart beat. A superior lawyer.”– Liz

“Dedicated lawyer .When Mr. Ashe took my case this past year for a DUI I didn’t think there was much hope for a positive resolution. He was dedicated, hard working, and relentless in his pursuit in helping me find a positive resolution to the situation. I am grateful for his work. He cares about your case no matter what the issue and has been a pleasure to work even after everything was sorted out.”– A Satisfied Client

“You want him on your side! I hired Mr. Ashe on short notice to handle a PFA that was about to go to court. He met with me promptly and got it released immediately, then he executed one for a different situation i was involved in and that was handled promptly and professionally. Will knows the law and is excellent when it comes to defense. He is a pleasure to work with and seems to be available anytime I have needed him.”– Chris

“Brutus the trophy deer .We met Will in April of 2015 when a friend gave us his name to handle a case involving Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. My husband had received two violations by IFW and had a deer mount and rifle confiscated. Will spent endless hours researching the case as it pertained to the warden involved in the undercover sting as his ethics had come into question. Being a Maine Guide , Will was very knowledgeable about the IFW rules and bylaws which became invaluable. He spent hours researching and digging out the facts. One such search even took him to another county court to look up a past case in which this operative had been involved. He kept us continuously informed about what was happening with texts, phone calls and copies of any papers he filed or received. He met with the DA several times trying to reach a settlement. After a year of trying to negotiate it was finally time to go to the judge. The DA finally agreed to some concessions. The more serious charge was dismissed and only left the smaller charge of driving deer ( which is legal in every state but Maine). In order to retrieve the confiscated items he agreed to make a deal on the driving deer charge. Will was able to get both my husband’s rifle back and his trophy deer mount. He had expected that both of these items would never be returned. Will is a dedicated tenacious lawyer who goes above and beyond for all of his clients. My husband’s case was small in comparison to other cases but he approached it with the same drive and dedication as if it was a more serious felony. I would recommend Will Ashe for any issue that may arise. He will be the only lawyer we use. Thank you for all your hard work.”– Kathy

“Dedication, pride and commitment .When hiring an attorney you want someone who is passionate about the case regardless of what it may be. Attorney Ashe has represented me in family court and has treated my case like it was the only file he was working on! Always available or quick to return a phone call or email. In the courtroom Attorney Ashe is extremely professional and determined to present the best case for his client. If hiring an attorney was like the Major League Baseball draft, Attorney Ashe would be a first round pick without a doubt!”– A Satisfied Client

“If u want a gladiator of an attorney, Look no further.I met will by way of a whispered referral by the court clerk since I do not live in Maine and unfortunately our crisis happened to be in Maine. To boot, I was seeking immediate guidance and needed help in a most bizarre of circumstances. Without running out of space for this review, I can keep it short by saying. I called Will seeking assistance enforcing a contract in order to rescue a pure bred of European champion bloodline Doberman Pinscher puppy. A puppy caught in a domestic dispute being used as a pawn for leverage by a woman who stole him from his contractual owner. While this may sound silly and simple, it was the furthest thing from that. Not to mention it was an emergent time sensitive matter as the person in illegally in possession of the puppy did everything in her power to try to make us go away by lying not only to us but the police, and the initial judge, who In essence granted a TRO (eventually to be thrown dropped) to this woman in which she alledged that this puppy who contractually didn’t belong to her was being abused as she said she was too. Unfortunately this left us no choice if we were going to rescue this puppy into seeking a legal remedy as this snafu began with as mentioned a fabricated story. When we tried to resolve this situation privately, matters became worse, the posts on facebook made by this woman clearly presented not only the most unloving and abusive reports as too how she was taking care of this puppy. For example saying she was using duct tape on the puppies ears, and claims that he was stolen by a dog fighting ring anything to deter us from rescuing the puppy. A $2500.00 puppy btw. It went as far as threatening the breeder and any and all those trying to help. When I called Will, he couldn’t believe the lengths we needed to go to save this puppy. Due to the nature of the case they even took the case for a very reasonable flat fee. A fee that didn’t come close to what any other client would’ve paid for the time vested. But it was for a humanitarian cause that Will took the case and much to the dismay of our adversary, saw this rescue through to the end. Making it that this woman had no choice but to produce the puppy or go to jail. And by the time we neared the end of this situation she even sold the puppy. Needless to say facing arrest she produced the puppy in the eleventh hour. At which time Will himself picked the puppy up personally. An epic battle resulting in an epic WIN!! If u are looking for an attorney who will see the job done, Will Is the gladiator you want representing you. We thank him from the bottom of our hearts.”– HPS

“Mr. Ashe came highly recommended through a friend. As soon as I walked in to his office I smelled the victory. Mr. Ashe is very professional and gave me confidences in my case since first meeting. He achieved outstanding results. My case was declined to prosecute. I would 100% work with Mr. Ashe and would recommend him to anyone in need of legal services. Thank you to The Law Offices of William H. Ashe for making this process as smooth as possible!”– Daler M.

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