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When to Call a Lawyer

Posted by Will Ashe | Sep 30, 2021 | 0 Comments

I'm covering this topic after a recent phone call to the office.  A very nice individual called about a potential legal issue.  After speaking with him, I am confident that I could have handled his legal situation quite easily for him.  Unfortunately, he was calling me about two weeks after he went to court unrepresented and had pleaded guilty.  After thinking over the situation, he decided he had made the wrong decision and was wondering if there was anything I could do. 

Regrettably, there was nothing I could do to help at that point.   My posts are designed to help people with information on how to navigate the legal world.  One of the themes that occurs over and over is consulting with an attorney.  Don't attempt to navigate the law by yourself.  Just don't do it.  This isn't a sales pitch; it is free legal advice!  Talk to a lawyer.  If police are looking for you, call a lawyer.  If you get charged with a crime, call a lawyer.  If you have an upcoming court date, call a lawyer.  Don't ask your friends for advice.  Don't search google for advice.  Don't represent yourself.  Lawyers exist for a reason, and it isn't to be the butt of lawyer jokes.  I genuinely care about my client's cases.  I really do.  I also care about the legal situations of the people that contact my office.  I really do.  So, please, stop representing yourself.  If you're wondering if you should contact a lawyer, the answer is almost certainly yes.

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