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Case Results


  • BMV Win on High Test OUI!

    August 2019

    Last week I was able to prevail at a Bureau of Motor Vehicles Hearing where the issue was a pending suspension of my client's right to operate based upon a high test.  I challenged the test procedure as flawed and the Hearings Examiner agreed.  My client's right to operate was not suspended. Read On

  • Second Offense OUI Dismissed!

    July 2019

    My client was charged with an OUI with a prior offense.  I filed Motion to Suppress arguing that the administration of field sobriety tests was unconstitutional.  The case was dismissed prior to the Hearing.  Very happy to have achieved such a great result for my client. Read On

  • OUI Dismissed!

    July 2019

    Recently, I achieved a dismissal of an OUI charge on behalf of a client.  By challenging the State's interpretation of the evidence and obtaining our own expert opinion, I was able to almost conclusively prove that my client's blood alcohol level was not over the legal limit.  Ultimately, the pro... Read On

  • OUI Dismissed prior to Jury Trial

    June 2019

    My client's OUI was dismissed today prior to trial.  After rejecting the State's offer to plead guilty for jail, a fine, and a license suspension, we decided to proceed to a Jury Trial. I received dismissal of the case in the mail today, before having to select a Jury.  Another successful outcome. Read On

  • Felony Theft Dismissed

    May 2019

    My client was charged with a serious felony level theft.  The charge was dismissed as part of negotiated agreement where my client will avoid any conviction on her record.  Good result. Read On

  • Criminal Trespass Dismissed

    April 2019

    My client was charged with Criminal Trespass.  I challenged the evidence provided by the State and ultimately it was determined that evidence possessed by the State had become lost and was no longer available.  The prosecutor dismissed the case.  Satisfied client. Read On

  • DV Assault Dismissed

    February 2019

    My client was charged with Domestic Violence Assault.  The case was recently dismissed after a successful negotiated outcome. Read On

  • DV Assault Dismissed

    December 2018

    My client was charged with Domestic Violence Assault.  The case was dismissed by the State prior to trial.  No conviction for my client. Read On

  • Aggravated Assault and Criminal Threatening Dismissed

    October 2018

    My client was charged with Aggravated Assault and Criminal Threatening.  After obtaining evidence of the alleged victim's prior behavior towards my client the case was ultimately dismissed. Read On

  • Aggravated Assault Dismissed

    September 2018

    My client was charged with a very serious Aggravated Assault with the possibility of a lengthy prison sentence.  After an aggressive defense, the State dismissed the felony for a low level misdemeanor and a fine.  Another good result. Read On

  • Not Guilty after Trial

    August 2018

    My client was charged with a crime stemming from an alleged hunting violation.  Law enforcement tactics and reports were highly questionable.  After multiple court dates we finally were able to proceed to trial.  Seven Game Wardens testified for the State.  Not Guilty. Read On

  • OUI Dismissed

    May 2018

    Client was charged with OUI with an aggravated blood alcohol level.  I challenged the arresting officer's basis to stop my client's vehicle and the charge was dismissed.  Great outcome. Read On

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