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Child Custody

Maine Child Custody Lawyer will fight for you and your children

In Maine, what people think of as "custody" is broken down into two concepts: parental rights & responsibilities and residency.  Parental Rights & Responsibilities is related to decision-making over all aspects of the child's life and well-being.  Residency is related to where the child will reside and what rights of contact the non-residential parent will have.  Maine uses a best interests of the child approach to custody cases and their many factors that can be considered.  

Generally speaking, it is best for children when both parents are engaged in parenting and are cooperating and co-parenting effectively.  Unfortunately, that is not always what occurs.  Some parents are too embittered by the failure of the relationship to co-parent well.  Other parents simply have too many personal issues to co-parent well.  Maine family lawyer William Ashe has extensive experience in child custody cases.  Whatever your situation, he can provide sound legal advice and advocate for you in Court.

Child custody cases are often emotionally taxing and stress.  You do not have to go it alone.  Contact Attorney Ashe to see if he can help.