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Maine Divorce Attorney Working with Your Family's Best Interest at Heart

For any couple, going through a divorce can be the most challenging time in your life. Even for those that are amicably separating, the legal process can be daunting and confusing for those without knowledge of Maine divorce law.  Attorney William Ashe is dedicated to ensuring that you know any options that lay before you. We're committed to making the divorce process as pain-free as possible for Maine families. For those with children, our law office pledges to keep your family's best interest in mind and use our network of resources to help you draft a parenting plan and custody care plan for your child.

How Can a Lawyer Guide Me Through the Process of Divorce?

A Maine family law attorney can help a married couple decide if legal separation or divorce (dissolution of marriage) is their best option. Our law firm has the divorce experience to help. There are legally binding stipulations of both legal separation and divorce, so our law group will help decide if divorce is your best option. For example, legal separation is not as restricting as divorce and is not as final as a divorce is.  Many couples opt for a legal trial separation via a divorce lawyer to see if they can resolve their issues and work together to mend their marriage. Attorney Ashe will stand by your side every step of the separation process to advise you on the best steps to take, whatever your desired outcome may be.

Contested Divorce

A contested divorce is when you and your spouse disagree about aspects of divorce. Sometimes the disagreement is over only a few issues while in other cases almost every issue is disputed.  Common areas of disagreement may include what to do with the real estate, how to separate finances, spousal support, and child custody.  As a Maine divorce attorney with years of experience with complex divorces, Attorney Ashe will help you to evaluate your options and make the best decisions for you and your family.  Most importantly, Attorney Ashe has the experience in the skill to fight for you in Court if necessary.

We Will Stand by Your Side

Our Maine Divorce Attorney can help protect your interests. If you're in the process of divorcing your spouse, you need a trusted attorney who's compassionate to your situation. At our law firm, our goal is to help clients move forward optimistically. You shouldn't have to suffer through the process of divorce. Our law group will handle every aspect of your case to ensure your peace of mind. Our law firm will stop at nothing to achieve your desired outcome. Contact Attorney Ashe at 207-813-0018, a Maine Divorce Attorney you can trust.