• By: William Ashe, Esq.
  • Published: November 14, 2022
Divorce FAQ with tips on filing, duration, costs, and the importance of hiring an experienced attorney

If you’re facing a divorce, you should get the best lawyer to help you through the process. The Law Office of William Ashe offers instant access to one of the best divorce attorneys in the country. I come up in most searches for the best divorce lawyer near me in my local area on the merit of my past cases. My law office prioritizes each client I represent to get the best results. Here are five frequently asked questions about divorce:

1. How Do I File For A Divorce?

A divorce legally ends your union/marriage and requires the completion of specific paperwork. Each state has unique divorce laws, so you should check the local requirements for divorce filing. I work with clients in Maine at the Law Office of William Ashe. I have knowledge and experience of the state’s laws for filling and serving papers and notifying spouses. You must be a resident of Maine to file a divorce with the state’s courts.

2. How Long Will My Divorce Take?

You must stay in Maine for at least 6 months before filing for a divorce. If you meet this requirement, your divorce process can take a few months or several years, depending on various factors. Most uncontested divorces I have worked on offer the fastest processes. Other cases involve vast marital estate or child custody issues. The Law Office of William Ashe will evaluate your case to provide a rough estimate of how long your divorce might take.

3. How Much Will My Divorce Cost?

Divorce costs vary across cases and states. In Maine, the cost depends on whether the deposition is contested or uncontested. Other cost-influencing factors include the number of issues to be settled and the length of the process. If your case is uncontested and doesn’t involve assets and children, the Law Office of William Ashe can help you file the divorce as fast as possible. The office also does its best to expedite contentious divorce cases.

4. Can I Get Divorced Out Of Court?

Many divorce cases I work on are settled out of court, but a good number end up in trial. Before a divorce case goes to trial, you should consider avenues like divorce mediation. A mediator can help you and your partner reach an agreement without arguing the case in court. The Law Office of William Ashe will do everything to keep the case out of court or push it to trial based on my client’s needs. My goal is to represent my client’s interests and secure the best deal.

5. Do I Need A Lawyer To Get Started?

Divorce laws are complicated, and each situation is different. The negotiations can take several months or years before the divorce becomes final. Working with an experienced divorce attorney can help you navigate the legal requirements. Your spouse may also hire a lawyer, so having your attorney evens the playfield. The goal is to get a fair divorce in which all your interests are met. Involving a lawyer also gives you peace of mind throughout the process.

Best Divorce Lawyer Near Me

Local lawyers and offices best handle divorce cases. The Law Office of William Ashe is one of the leading destinations when you search for the best divorce lawyer near me in Maine. I have worked on several cases and focus on helping my clients win their cases. The office is also ready to answer all your questions and concerns.

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