• By: William Ashe, Esq.
  • Published: October 28, 2022
Juvenile defense attorney William Ashe offers expertise in handling charges - Ashe Law Offices

If your underage daughter or son is facing court prosecution, you want the best possible outcome for them as a parent. Criminal charges can make it difficult for your child to get into college and find employment. If you search “top criminal defense attorneys near me,” William Ashe will be one of the most qualified results. With vast experience in juvenile cases, I can help you handle the charges.


The best attorney needs to be familiar with the court judges who they may appear before. They need to know the steps involved in processing the case, scheduling, postponements, and assignments. Such a lawyer will have an advantage when defending your child since they will be well prepared.

A knowledgeable lawyer will have acquired useful information on the consequences of a conviction and the prosecutor’s tactics. Familiarity helps them prepare their clients’ records and avoid a sentence or prosecution.

I have represented many individuals in criminal cases ranging from traffic violations to homicide. Our law firm has a strong performance history, with countless charges dismissed without trial. I opened William H. Ashe Law Offices with the intention to devote my personal attention and time to each case, especially juvenile offenses.


Experience is key in the judicial system as it will largely determine the outcome of your child’s case. An attorney with extensive experience in defending juveniles is the best choice. Find out the number of clients the attorney has defended who have previously been charged with similar offenses your child is facing.

An experienced lawyer will come up with the ideal pre-trial defense strategy. Someone who has handled many juvenile cases will be in a better position to provide the best defense for your child.

I am a juvenile defense attorney with vast experience handling different cases. Over the years, I have gained extensive trial experience, winning acquittals and dismissals in Ellsworth and all over the state. I am a skilled lawyer who will defend your child’s right to avoid outcomes that could affect their future.


The best lawyer will keep you updated by establishing and maintaining open lines of communication. They will let you know what goes on during legal proceedings, your child’s rights, and the strategy they plan to use to increase the chances of a positive outcome. A reputable lawyer will inform you of possible outcomes if the case doesn’t work out in your child’s favor. The more honest the attorney is about the charges, the better.

I have a good record of fighting for my client’s rights with no intention of stopping. My goal is to give you the best results possible for your case. That commitment starts from the very beginning of the case to the end.

Higher Top Criminal Defense Attorneys Near Me

Search “top criminal defense lawyer near me” and find an expert who will defend your child and work on keeping juvenile records sealed from the public eye. I will handle every detail of your case, and all meetings will be with me personally. I give my best to every case for the client to get the best results possible. Contact William H. Ashe Law offices to discuss your daughter’s or son’s legal future.

William Ashe, Esq Attorney - Criminal Defense Lawyer in Ellsworth Maine - Ashe Law Offices

William Ashe is an experienced trial attorney with a career track record of determined
effective representation and consistent sustained success on behalf of his clients. He has
been named to the National Trial Lawyers Top 100 Criminal Defense Attorneys every year
since 2014 and has a perfect 10.0 rating by the lawyer rating site Avvo. (207) 813-2935

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