• By: William Ashe, Esq.
  • Published: September 28, 2022
Criminal defense attorney William Ashe provides comprehensive defense services - Ashe Law Offices

A criminal defense attorney is a lawyer responsible for defending you and negotiating on your behalf. I’m one of Maine’s top criminal defense attorneys from Ashe Law Offices, ready to help you with your defense. I offer extensive representation services to protect your legal rights. If you’re looking for top criminal defense attorneys near me, contact the Ashe Law Offices.

What Does A Criminal Defense Attorney Do?

Criminal defense attorneys prioritize defending their clients’ rights. I assist my clients in developing defense strategies that lessen the effects of being detained.

I have more than a decade of experience defending clients and a consistent track record of won cases. Working with me includes personalized services since I treat every case uniquely. Here are some of the services you expect from Ashe Law Offices:

Investigate Your Case

A defense attorney works like an investigator. They will communicate with you about the case and look into the charges further for any opportunities for your acquittal.

I take the time to review every piece of evidence connected to your case. This involves interviewing the police about the methods they applied to charge you. I will go above and beyond to interview current witnesses and search for other possible bystanders. This helps me to acquire more proof that increases the likelihood of an innocent verdict.

Guide You Through The Case

There are several ways to settle criminal charges. Your criminal defense lawyer guides you on the available options suitable for your case. This involves negotiating with the prosecutor for a fair plea deal.

I will work with you on your case as an ally. During your case, you’ll receive direct regular communication from me.

My job includes talking with the prosecution over any potential plea deal to reduce your charges. If you don’t like a plea, I’ll develop a strong defense strategy to work towards a positive result.

Provide Defense During Trial

The case goes to trial when your attorney fails to reach a plea agreement with the prosecution. In that situation, your counsel defends you in court and provides the jury with your side of the story. Your lawyer must know the legislation and laws relevant to the case. They will need to convince the jury to deliver a not-guilty judgment.

With over a decade of expertise defending various clients, I have won many cases and had numerous charges dropped. National associations and attorney rating websites also recognize my work.

My skills and defense strategies can persuade the jury that the prosecution’s evidence is insufficient. I will cross-examine witnesses and state witnesses to find even the minute details that benefit the case.

Appeal Verdicts Where Applicable

Criminal case appeals can be complicated and require a thorough understanding of the procedure. They may require a criminal defense attorney with high training, expertise, and experience. I have the necessary academic qualification and professional experience to help come up with the best defense tactics. I’ve handled and won the most complicated cases, from felony to misdemeanor charges.

Top Criminal Defense Attorneys Near Me

Facing criminal charges on your own can seem like a difficult task. With a criminal defense attorney like me, it doesn’t have to be intimidating. I’m here to organize and present your legal defense and validate your rights. If you want a defense attorney to handle your cases, Ashe Law Offices should be your first choice. Contact me for a consultation.

William Ashe, Esq Attorney - Criminal Defense Lawyer in Ellsworth Maine - Ashe Law Offices

William Ashe is an experienced trial attorney with a career track record of determined
effective representation and consistent sustained success on behalf of his clients. He has
been named to the National Trial Lawyers Top 100 Criminal Defense Attorneys every year
since 2014 and has a perfect 10.0 rating by the lawyer rating site Avvo. (207) 813-2935

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